QUTA'16 Agenda

The salient points of the agenda are as follows.

  • Construction of teachers’ hostel.
  • Masters' qualification allowance which is suppressed under PhD Allowance.
  • Masters' allowance in pension.
  • Regularization of Self Finance scholarship for faculty development.
  • Decentralization of students’ scholarships. Contact of students with admin officers is not in interest of academia and can be dangerous.
  • Infrastructure/resources to all departments as per their need.
  • Research grants from University research funds in addition to research funds from the HEC. The HEC used to award the grant for two conferences in an academic year which is now reduced to one. This should be compensated by the university in order to promote research.
  • To take efforts for the university’s financial stability and release of funds from several sources such as Sindh government, federal government, etc.
  • To ensure the timely payment of remuneration.
  • Office for the teachers' association. Sub-offices at each sector.